Show & Tell Sessions

We have implemented what I am calling "Show & Tell Sessions".

Here are a few guidelines:

  • Rotate through the team

  • Presentations should be about 30 mins long to allow for questions and discussion

  • You are not the expert giving a class. You are just some dude who wants to share something interesting.

  • Don’t preach unless it is accepted practice. For example, “preaching” about how inline CSS in HTML mark up is bad is ok with me. But, “preaching” about how Ruby is better than C is not. But, giving a demonstration of Ruby is ok.

  • Does not have to be about code or technical in nature.

  • It can be about anything that is somehow related to what we do. For example, a designer might give a presentation on typology.

  • We all have to attend (unless it is impossible). This is to show support and respect to your fellow man.

  • Teaching something is the best way to learn something. My hope is that these sessions will expand our knowledge.

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