Even MORE Scrum-esque

Scrum is an "agile" process for software development. Part of the Scrum methodology is The Scrum Meeting.

My team uses Scrum, but we do it even more scrum-esque

At first, we held daily meetings at a consistent time. The purpose of these short meetings were to:

  • Inform the team of your status

  • Help you organize and prioritize your tasks

  • Overcome issues. An issue is not a bug or problem. An example of an issue would be something like, “My ssh access to the QA server stopped working.”

When Scrum meetings work, it is like a well-oiled machine. You should be able to determine the project's status just by listening to everyone else.

Scrum meetings eliminate the cruft, and focuses on the important issues.

But, for my team, we needed to be even MORE Scrum. Meeting everyday was too tiresome, and boring. And, we often discussed other interesting topics, such as "Why Iron Eagle is such an awesome movie."


So, we do our Scrum meetings like this:

  • No meetings.
  • Just email.

The emails look like this:

  • What you did yesterday
  • What you will accomplish today
  • Issues

The scrum email should answer the following:

  • Does it inform the team of your status?
  • Does it help you prioritize your tasks?
  • If you were doing the wrong thing, does it let others know that you are doing the wrong thing?

So far, it has been working out pretty well.

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