Things TextMate 2.0 needs

I feel a trend. It seems that a lot of developers are moving away from TextMate to (or back to) vim or emacs. Or, at the very least, if users are not moving, they are talking about it.
Don't believe me. See these links:
I have always had a fascination with really powerful vim/emacs users. The simplicity or the interface, and the awesomeness of mouse-less control is just too great. I am a decent vim user. I am ~6 on a scale to 10. But, on a day to day basis, I'm a TextMate user. But, I fear that TextMate will start loosing users.
So, here are some features that TextMate v.2.0 needs:
* Split screens. Just make it like vim. done and done.
* No more floating dialogue boxes for 'search'. Make it like Safari. A more unified UI, more like Leopard.
* Better ctags-esque support. I say "esque" because I realize with Ruby, it will be difficult. But, at the very least, give me a really easy "go back to where I was" key binding.
* Better editing key bindings
* Better undo. Basically, it needs to be smarter, like vim.

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