My Macworld 2009 Predictions

  • Snow Leopard
    • Demo some crazy performance gains
    • Will make you want to pay $150 again to upgrade immediately
  • New Mac Mini
    • New form factor
    • Upgrade the hardware
    • Position is against a Dell desktop for non-pro users
  • Updated Macbook Air
    • Update the screen/lid to match the new Macbooks and MBP's
    • Update the trackpad to the new buttonless glass ones
    • Upgrade the hardware
  • AppleTV
    • Something, not sure what . . . but, the new killer feature will make me want to finally go buy one.  Finally!
  • iPod Touch Nano (not an iPhone Nano)
    • To me, this makes more sense.  The iPhone cannot get smaller because of the keyboard issue.  A smaller iPhone means a smaller keyboard.  On the other hand, a smaller iPod Touch would be sweet!
    • This follows the product progression for the iPod.  iPod -> Nano -> Shuffle
    • So, expect a Shuffle that is just a touch screen at some point.  What?!  That's right.

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