Make It More Awesome - The Coffee Condiment Bar

I am starting a new series of posts.  I am calling them "Make It More Awesome" (MIMA . . . mee-mah) posts.  These are things I see everyday, and just think to myself, "Man, this sucks!  Someone really needs to innovate this!  Make it more awesome please!"

The Coffee Condiment Bar

I am not sure what this is called in the industry.  I am referring to that little table where you add cream, and sugar to your coffee.  This thing sucks.  Someone please make it more awesome!

Why does it suck:

  • Filthy - Starbucks is the worst. 
  • Lack of Space - Taking the cover off a steaming hot cup, adding cream and sugar, and then tasting it to make sure you added enough while carrying a bag is difficult enough.  Add a morning crowd.  Add a person next to you who has a 4 Venti's and roller laptop bag thing. 
  • Elbows - This is a recipe for disaster.  Elbows are everywhere!  Try taking a cover off one of those cups without doing a Dikembe Mutomo.
  • dikembe_mutombo_elbow
  • Bottleneck - Why don't they have more of these?  I don't feel like getting in another line after standing in line to get the coffee.
  • Room for cream - I do this.  We all do.  I want to add cream.  There is too much coffee.  What do you do?  Yeah, that's right.  Pour it into the trash.  Not sure, but pouring a molten hot liquid into a 4 inch hole while carrying a bag with a shaky non-caffeinated hand seems like a bad idea.  Just saying.
  • Out of half-and-half - Honestly, at least 50% of the times, the half-and-half is empty.  The other 50% of the time, they are out of sugar.  So, a 100% of the time, I am pissed.

How to MIMA:

  • Just make the area larger.  This will solve a lot of problems.
  • Make it 360 degress accessible.  Don't push it up against a wall.  The Borders near my home does this well.  The area is accessible from all angles, and it is in the middle of the cafe area.
  • Innovate the cream and sugar dispensing devices.  A "container of some sort" is so 90's.  How about some pump device that dispenses exact amounts.  Cream?  Pump, pump.  That's 2 creams.  Sugar.  Pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump. 
  • Copy McDonald's - Ever notice how McDonald's does this?  They have this device that pumps out the cream and sugar.  Quick and precise.  Adapt that to the condiment bar area.  I should just walk up, cover off, pump, pump, pump pump, and done!
  • Add a drain of some sort.  I could dispense water, and accept molten hot liquid for making room for cream.
  • Clean it!  Often!
  • Keep it stocked. 


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