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Editorial comment:

I cannot believe the amount of bad press this is getting.  Is it really that big of a deal?

Personally,  I think the DiggBar is a bad idea.  But, it is no different than any other shady method of increasing page views.

Is it really that surprising?  Digg's entire survival is based on always increasing page views.  By default, something like this was always going to happen.

The way I look at it is if Digg wants to do this, then so be it.  We don't have to use Digg.  And, over time, the "market" will either let Digg live or die.  And, mistakes like this will cause it to die.

I don't use Digg.  I have an account.  But, it is pretty much unused.  I have never found Digg to be useful in any way.

I do not use Digg for the following reasons.

* Crappy content.  Seriously.  Some of the stuff that makes it to the front page is utter trash.

* Way too much noise.  By "noise", I mean that Digg is completely useless for trying to find information.  The categories mean nothing.  And, the popularity of the article means nothing.  Relevance is apparently irrelevant.  When is the last time you went to Digg to find information about that programming problem?  Just saying . . .

* Too many immature users.  I know this cannot be controlled.  Regardless, it does lead to the uselessness of Digg.

* The concept of "Digging" is flawed.  How so?  What are you digging?  The article?  What if the article is something that people should read, but you are opposed to its content?  Do you "digg" it?  By "digging" it, are you saying that you agree with the content of the article?  Or, are you digging the title that the Digg user's added?  Do you go read the article, then read the title and summary, and then decide to digg it?  Maybe as a non-Digg user, I am missing the point.  If so, please put me in my place. 

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